Slim’s Shady Trailer Park T-Shirts – $20, Free Shipping

The new Slim’s Shady Trailer Park T-shirts are here! They’re soft, and sexy, and comfy-womfy. It’s a cotton/rayon blend that feels kinda slinky! We guarantee you’ll like it, 100% money back if you don’t. FREE SHIPPING!

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Slim Man Hats – $25, Free Shipping

We’ve got a new batch of Slim Hats in some new colors!
They’re 100% cotton, cool, soft, and sexy.  One size fits all, and we mean ALL! It even fits Uncle Slimmy’s overgrown melon.  They come in orange with black letters, purple with white letters, black with colored letters and white with colored letters!  Get ’em while they’re hot!

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Slim Man Legalize Marinara Aprons – $25, with Free Shipping

These just in! The new Slim Man Legalize Marinara aprons. They are 100% cotton, and softer and much mo’ better than our last aprons! It has 2 big pockets, perfect for stashing your flask of Kickapoo Joy Juice.

Not tested on animals, unless you consider Slim Man an animal. We tested it on him, and he was not harmed in any way. As a matter of fact, Mr. Man loves this apron so much he guarantees you will, too. 100% money back guarantee! No joke! Get one for your favorite cook. And get one for yourself!

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Slim Man Music USB – $30, Free Shipping

45 Songs!  Plus lyrics for all 33 Slim Songs!

This custom USB drive has all 33 original songs from the Slim Man Sweet Sixteen CDs (Volumes 1 and 2).
Plus! It has all 12 Rat Pack songs from the Young at Heart CD.  All songs are High Quality 320 kbps MP3s.
Plus! Includes lyric sheets to all 33 Slim Songs.

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Sweet Sixteen – $15, Free Shipping

We asked Slim Folks to vote for their favorite Slim Man songs. Here they are…The Sweet Sixteen. BUT WAIT! There is a bonus track, a song called “Sunny Day.”  So…there are 17 songs on Sweet Sixteen Volume 1! All songs are the original recordings from the original masters, except “For Now and Forever”, which is from the Slim Man LIVE CD, and “Secret Rendezvous” which is from the Bella Mia CD.

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Sweet Sixteen Volume 2 – $15, Free Shipping

We asked folks to vote for their second-favorite Slim Man songs. And here they are…the “B” sides. The “album” cuts. All songs are the original recordings from the original masters except for “Hey Catalina” which is the new version of “Hey Carolina.” As requested by Art Good, who runs the Catalina JazzFest!

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Young At Heart – $15, Free Shipping

Slim Man has just released his 12th CD, a stellar collection of swinging standards titled Young at Heart.  Mixed by chart-topper Marc Antoine, this CD is a finger-snappin’, toe-tappin’, Rat Packin’ compilation of feel-good songs that takes you back to the Sands in Vegas in the 1960s.

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Slim Man Cooks – $40, Free US Shipping

Slim Man—singer, writer, cook, jolly good fellow—has created the world’s first serenading cookbook. It features 52 ravishing recipes, 52 stellar stories and 16 sensational Slim Man songs. Also included…links to more than 40 cooking videos. There are lots of Italian dishes here, all with a Slim twist. You’ll also get a healthy helping of Mr. Man’s own tasty creations.

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Slim Man Cooks Thumbdrive – $45, Free Shipping

If you’d like to get the new Slim Man Cooks cookbook in a digital format, we have great news for you!  We have created an USB thumb drive with a Hi-Res PDF of the whole cookbook—every beautiful page, every glorious photo, every scrumptious recipe, every funny story—and it’s portable!

But wait! There’s more! We have included 33 Slim Man songs—Sweet Sixteen Volumes 1 and 2. Plus there are 3 Sinatra songs sung by Mr. Man. Slim Gets Frank! 36 songs total. The songs are all high-quality 320 kbps MP3s—the sound is glorious.

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A Very Merry Christmas

We asked folks to vote for their favorite Slim Christmas songs. We’ve put them all one one CD, A Very Merry Christmas. These are the original recordings, from the original masters. We have 16 of your favorite holiday hits, all remastered and sounding better than ever. Shipping is FREE.
Have a Very Merry Christmas!

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Bona Fide 4

This is the latest Bona Fide CD. It’s called…Bona Fide. Pretty clever, huh?  This is the fourth BF CD, but who’s counting? It was produced by Marc Antoine, who wrote some songs, played guitar, and gave this CD a very groovy flavor indeed. It’s funky. It’s loungey. It’s lively.  The music of Bona Fide is instrumental. That means Slim Man doesn’t sing on any of these tracks. Thank goodness! But Mr. Man did play bass, write some songs, and designed the ultra-cool CD cover

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Bona Fide Soul Lounge

This is the 3rd Bona Fide CD. It is by far the favorite of the bunch. It features some stellar musicianship…George Hazelrigg on piano, Kevin Levi on sax, and John E Coale on drums, with Hit Man Howie Z banging on the bongos.  It was produced by Slim Man, who plays bass. This is an all-instrumental CD. The songs are full of funk and soul and chill and groove.  You’re gonna love it. Guaranteed. If you don’t, send us an email, we’ll refund your money. That’s how much we love this thang! You will, too! ! Buy at iTunes

Slim Man LIVE (2012)

The latest Slim Man CD is a collection of songs that were recorded in California over the past 15 years. The CD features a compelling compilation of Slim Man songs, four of which feature longtime friend and collaborator Marc Antoine on guitar. “Stunning” is the word LynnJazz uses to describe the CD.

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Thousand Miles Away (2010)

This Slim Man CD features eleven incredible original songs Thousand Miles Away’ also features the stunning guitar work of the Master from Madrid, Marc Antoine (Sting, Madonna, Shakira).

Muze Music calls it “Still my favorite CD of the past few years.”

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Christmas Eve (2008)

This Slim Christmas CD features a scintillating vocal duet with Antonia Bennett (Tony’s daughter) on ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’. New Musical Express calls it “The best recording of this song I’ve ever heard.” JazzTrax calls it “…one of the best Christmas CDs.”

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Solstice (2006)

Solstice has a pop/latin/chill vibe, and the first single ‘Secrets of Your Heart’ was a Top Ten hit on Internet Jazz Radio.  Solstice has a compelling and unique version of ‘If I Were a Carpenter’.

Bella Mia (2005)

A Best of Slim Man done live in studio.  Also released in Germany to critical acclaim.

For Now and Forever (2003)

A collection of American Pop Standards featuring the Slim Man band in full effect.  Includes “Summer World”, “Route 66″ and eight other classics.

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All I Want For Christmas (2000)

Slim Man’s first Christmas CD!  It’s full of your favorite Christmas Songs and 2 Slim Man original Christmas Tunes.  Joy to the World!

Jazzified (1999)

Slim Man’s fourth CD features Marc Antoine, Ken Navarro, Joe Ercole and Kevin Levi and sultry songs like, “Sweet Serenade,” Weeping Willow,” Don’t Say Goodbye,” and “A Night Like This.”  This CD was named Best Contemporary Jazz CD in a 2001 JAZZIZ Readers Poll.  Need we say more?

Secret Rendezvous (1997)

This CD has a lot of guest Smooth Jazz artists like Rick Braun, Marc Antonine, Chieli Minucci and Everette Harp.  It was named Top Ten of 1997 by Smooth Jazz and Leisure Magazine.  Who was number 11?  Kenny G

Closer to Paradise (1996)

Closer to Paradise is Slim Man’s second CD release. It has hit songs like “There for You,” “Valentine’s Day,” and Closer to Paradise.” “There for You” was in the Top Ten for Strictly Jazz Magazine.

End of the Rainbow (1995)

The Big Debut, featuring the Top Ten Hit “Faith In Us”.