When Slim Man, born Tim Camponeschi, was 5 years old, his father showed him a movie. That film was ‘The Five Pennies’,
starring Danny Kaye and Louis Armstrong. When Young Slim saw Satchmo play and sing, he told his Dad…”That’s what I want to

Slim Man studied trumpet for the next 9 years, and also taught himself how to play piano and guitar.

After studying classical piano, composition and harmony at Peabody Institute of Music in Baltimore, MD, Slim Man got signed as a
songwriter for Motown Records. He had songs recorded by the Temptations, Angela Bofill, and other artists. Slim Man also
recorded a CD for Motown, which gave birth to his signature style–a unique blend of jazz, soul and pop.

Slim Man went on to form the band BootCamp, a band that had two of the first 100 videos ever played on MTV. Those videos
launched BootCamp into a successful concert career, performing with The Tubes, The B-52s, Squeeze, Split Enz, Johnny Winter,
and many others.

Slim Man then organized and hosted a nationwide talent contest sponsored by Marlboro. It was during this contest that he got the
nickname Slim Man, and he went on to discover Ronnie Dunn, who later hooked up with Kix Brooks to form the multiple Grammy
award-winning country music duo, Brooks and Dunn.

Slim Man started writing and producing songs for Brian Jack, a rock singer from a band called Child’s Play. These Slim Man
compositions landed Brian Jack a contract with Epic Records. The CD was never released.

Undaunted, Slim Man went back into the studio, re-recorded some of the songs, and released his debut CD “End of the Rainbow.”
This CD was on many Top Ten lists for the year, and inspired JD Considine (Rolling Stone) to write…

“A near-perfect example of how jazz and soul can be combined as pop.”

Since that debut CD, Slim Man has released 11 CDs, his latest a collection of live recordings called ‘Slim Man LIVE’.
In the late 90s, Slim Man started another band, Bona Fide, an instrumental group whose combination of funk and jazz brought
forth the Number One single ‘X Ray Hip’. Bona Fide also received the Best New Artist Award at the Smooth Jazz Awards. Bona Fide
has released 4 CDs.

Not content with just writing music, Slim Man has written screenplays, the latest of which “The Marlboro Man” is currently a semifinalist
in two screenplay competitions, and is creating quite a buzz in Mr. Man’s new hometown of Nashville. His first screenplay,
‘Bella Mia’, has been optioned by film director Rei Spinnicchio.

But wait! There’s more! For eight years, Slim Man hosted a very successful jazz radio show in Baltimore. He also hosted a TV
show, ‘Hobnobbin’ With Slim Slimski’, where he once–among other things–got a tattoo, and then had it removed by lasers.

Slim Man has also produced about forty cooking episodes for the Italian American Network. These 5-minute videos feature Mr.
Man cooking his original recipes, as well as some family favorites. Slim Man is currently working on a cookbook and a TV show
that combines cooking and music.

A just a few other fun Slim Facts…

Slim Man just won “Best Jazz Vocalist” at the Coachella Music Awards.

Slim Man sang for Pope John Paul II at the Vatican on Christmas Day, 1999.

Slim Man also met Jimi Hendrix, and if that’s not enough, Slim Boy opened up for Iggy Pop and the Stooges.