Dearest Slim Dudes and Dudettes,

Who wants to live to be 100?

Before we get into my incredibly incredible insightful insights into aging, let me don my Shameless Self-Promotion Hat and suggest…

If you ain’t got nothin’ to do on Friday, February 6th, come on down to Spaghettini in Seal Beach, California. It’s one of my favorite places to play, and the band has never sounded better-Craig Chesnut on drums, Greg Vail on sax, and Tateng Katindig on keys.

Why not make a night or weekend of it? Stay at the very cool Ayres Hotel right across the street, and spend the day at Seal Beach. It’s a cool little oceanfront town with lots of shops and seaside cafes. Last time I was there I saw a woman walking her dog.

Slim pic 6

You gotta love California. Tired of the snow? Come on over!

I played Spaghettini’s in August last year. The day after the show, I drove down to Leucadia, an oceanside town where my brother, the Slim Bro, had rented a townhouse for a week.

I was sitting with my nieces on the couch. I was playing guitar, and they were doodling on their phones while chatting with each other. One niece started telling the other about her friend who was going out with this “really old guy-he’s in his 40s!”

Slim pic 7

Then she stopped, and they both looked at me as if to say “Sorry, Uncle Slimmy.”

Dayuuummmmm. Forties is old? It got me thinking, which is a dangerous thing for me-because of my psychological ailment, Attention Surplus Syndrome. I think about things for too long, basically. Most folks who know me, know about my A.S.S.

So I started thinking…what is old? And then I remembered something my Dad, the Slim Poppa, said to me,

“Old is always 20 years older than you are.”

It makes sense, Slim People. Think about it. If you’re in your 20s (like my nieces), 40s is old. If you’re in your 40s, someone who is in their 60s is old. If you’re in your 60s, 80s is old.

What happens when you hit 80? That’s old, right?


I have a friend in Palm Springs. He’s in his mid-90s. He gets up every morning and swims. He wears clothes that he bought this century. He doesn’t talk about his ailments or gastro-intestinal goings-on. He is well-read, and is up on all the latest world news. A few months ago, he went on a Mediterranean cruise with a…female companion.

He’s funny and fun to hang out with. He drinks wine. He dresses well–had on a killer tan suede blazer last time I saw him. And he’s sharp. How sharp?

I had him over for dinner recently, and he asked me what my childhood was like. I jokingly told him, “I was raised by gorillas in the jungles of Africa.”

He asked, “North or South?”

Pretty sharp, huh? He’s planning a trip to China in a few weeks. He has things he’s looking forward to, places he wants to see, stuff he wants to do.

It reminds me of a song I really like, the verse goes…

“Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you, when you’re young at heart.”

Who wants to live to be 100?

Ask someone who’s 99.

Stay young at heart, SlimNation!

Who loves ya?

Old Uncle Slimmy