Ridiculously Good-Looking People of Slimness,

If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, look no more. Slim Man to the rescue. Let me put on my cape…

Here’s a superheroic idea. Why not buy your special loved one aSlim Man Cooks cookbook? 52 ravishing recipes, 52 stellar stories, links to more than 40 cooking videos, and it come with a free Slim Man CD that has a song called “Valentine’s Day”!

Want the book personalized, Slimigos? No problemo! I could get Mr Man to write something clever like…”Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Here’s a link to more info and how to order:



Slim Man Cooks is not my first literary endeavor.

I wrote my first book, How To Sell Out When There’s Not Much Left, with Selma Krapoff, our Head of eBay sales. We wrote it in the basement. It wasn’t much of a seller.

My second book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Complete Idiots, was full of heartwarming wisdom but never quite found its audience. Those idiots!

The new Slim Man Cooks cookbook?

The third time’s a charm, Slimsational SlimNation.

This thing’s a beauty. Here’s my pitch…

I wanted it to be hardcover, because, well, it looks more elegant. It’s more durable. Substantial. Dashing, even.

I wanted the cover laminated so if you dropped a meatball on it, it wouldn’t stain.

I wanted a lay-flat binding, so when you open to a recipe, the book would lay flat, stay open. That requires that the pages be sewn into the binding, rather than glued. Sewn bindings also last a lot longer.

I wanted a lot of photos, over 200. That meant that every page had to be photo paper, which ain’t cheap. But looks great.

I wanted large type, so you wouldn’t have to press your nose to the page when your hands were full of crabmeat.

Which drove up the page count.

But this thing looks lovely. It’s 272 pages of love, Slim People.

It’s also heavy! Almost 3 pounds. You could use it to prop open a window. You could put one behind your tire to keep your car from rolling.

I’m pretty proud of this thing. 52 recipes, 52 stories, a Slim Man CD, and links to more than 40 cooking videos.

That’s my pitch, SlimSteens.

And finally…Ruby had her first veterinarian appointment. She’s healthy and happy. She’s got a weird walk because her leg was broken when she was a couple weeks old, but Ruby the Rescue pup is a gem!

Who loves ya?

Uncle Slimmy