Dear Slim Dudes and Dudettes,

The MacArthur Genius Grants were given out recently.
They give $625,000 to really smart people.  People send in an application, and the MacArthur folks pick 30 or so geniuses and give them each a half-million bucks.  No strings attached.
It’s nice to reward people for being really smart.
But if they’re geniuses, they’re gonna find a way to make a couple of bucks, right?
It doesn’t seem fair to the people who are…not geniuses.  They’re the ones who need grants!
So I’m thinking of creating my own grant foundation.
The Slim McMan Moron Grants.
The concept hasn’t been fully developed, because…I’m not that smart.
And I’m not quite sure how to do it.  But if I do…
The Slim McMan Moron Grants will NOT be $625,000 bucks.  You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that giving a half-million bucks to a moron is not such a smart idea.  It may be a lot of fun, but not so smart.
Plus…do you really want to reward someone a half-million bucks for being a bonehead?  We already do that with our politicians and it is obviously not working!
One thing for sure…Every one who applies for a Slim McMan Moron Grant, gets a grant.  It only seems fair.  Can you imagine…you apply for a Moron Grant and you don’t qualify?  How devastating would that be?
Maybe we make the application fee $100.  The grant will be $50.  And we’ll take the other $50, and have a party at Slim’s Shady Trailer Park.
Let me know what you think.
Last year, I sent out an email to the 5 or 6 people on my mailing list.  I asked them to name their favorite Slim Man Songs.  And you Slim People done did good.  You really did.
The songs you chose are listed below.  One question for you, Slimmest of All People…is there a Slim Song that you love that is NOT on this list?  If so, would you be so kind as to write down the name or names of those songs, and email them to your Uncle Slimmy?  You can include Slim Christmas songs if you wish.
Before I get back to the inflatable pool here at Slim’s Shady Trailer Park, I just want you to know…Slim Men and Women are ridiculously good-looking, above-average and smart.  Really smart.  Jeniuses, some might say.
Did I spell that correctly?
I want to wish Mombo Hernandez a happy birthday.  He’s an amazing percussionist, a true-blue amigo, and a Man Among Men.  Here’s a story about Mombo Man, a hot tub, and naked women; along with a recipe and video for asparagus and portobello sauce with gorgonzola cheese:
Another thing…take a stroll around the new Slim Store.  Lots of great music, including the new Bona Fide CD, right here:
One last question:
Who loves ya?
Uncle Slimmy
The Top Slim Man Songs 2013
Faith in Us
Secret Rendezvous
Night Like This
There for You
End of the Rainbow
Overdose of You
Secrets of Your Heart
Weeping Willow
For Now and Forever
Every Beat of My Heart
Sweet Serenade
If You Only Knew
Bella Mia
Don’t Say Goodbye
Sunny Day
                  SLIM PEOPLE!  COME OUT TO A SLIM SHOW!
Thursday, October 23rd
Hey 19!  The Men of Slimness Return to 19 SPORTS!
That’s right…Greg Vail on sax, Craig Chesnut on drums, Hans Zermuehlen on keys…we’re going Mano a Mano in San Juan Capistrano!  Last time was sold-out, so buy early and often.
19 Sports
32120 San Juan Creek
San Juan Capistrano, CA  92675
Saturday, November 8th, 7:30 PM!
Can you believe the Slim Men are going back to San Antonio!  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Roger Tamez on sax, Bill “The Thrill” Parsons on keys, Eric Casillas on percussion, and Nate the Great on drums.  Wednesday Ball on vocals, she’s dyno-mite!
SHOWTIME 7:30-9:30…that’s PM!
Village at Stone Oak
22610 US 281
San Antonio, TX  78258
Saturday, November 29th!
The Slim Man Band Returns to the Rams Head Tavern in Annapolis, Maryland!
John E Coale on drums, Kevin Levi on sax, Hit Man Howie Z on bongos, and an incredibly special guest on keyboards, Attila Molnar, AKA Attila the Hungarian, SKA Attila the Hung!
We will be doing some Slim Man songs, some Bona Fide songs–we might even do a song from the new Bona Fide CD.  We will have the new Bona Fide CD with us, if you’re crazy enough to want to buy one!  And if that ain’t enough, we’re gonna ask everybody to bring gifts and gift cards and toys for the kids at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital.  Joy to the World!
Rams Head Tavern
33 West Street
Annapolis, MD
410 268 4545