Dearest Slim Men and Women,
Happy Fourth of July! How are the Slimmest of All People?
I had to push back the launch date for the Hobnobbon’ with Slim Man podcast, which may not sound like good news, but it is.
Why? Well, it’s a long story but a good one. Settle in, Slim Children.
On Monday, June 19, the Slim Man Band played at a 420 friendly party in Palm Springs. 420 is a code word for weed. I’m not sure why people bother to even use codes for marijuana these days. Medical marijuana is everywhere out here in California. You get a sunburn, go to a doctor, he writes you a prescription for 3 pounds of weed.
It was 118 degrees (no exaggeration) in Palm Springs that afternoon for the Slim Man 420 concert. The band played at 4:20 (clever!) inside an art gallery and…the AC wasn’t functioning. Wow. It was so hot Superman refused to fly. But the show must go on! It was 118, so at least the band didn’t have to warm up.
They were smoking! I think that might have been because Greg Vail’s shirt caught on fire during his sax solo.
That’s how hot it was.
On Tuesday before dawn, I flew to San Antonio for a one-nighter. The things we do for love. As I did my concert, an artist drew my portrait. I thought at first that he might be a police sketch artist. But he was legit.
What a great show in San Antonio, God Bless Texas! I flew back to Palm Springs, and I was scheduled to spend the next few days recording voiceovers for the podcast.
It didn’t happen.
The next day, I bit my tongue. I mean, I literally bit my tongue. I guess I was a bit too enthusiastic when I was chowing down on a meatball, and accidentally sunk my horseteeth into my palatoglossus.
What was a mess. My tongue was so swollen and sore that I couldn’t speak without spraying everybody.
I sounded like Daffy Duck. Saliva was flying everywhere. So doing the podcast was out of the question.
My tongue didn’t heal until Sunday. And by then I was scheduled to mix the Rat Pack CD on Monday at Marc Antoine’s studio. So I drove from Palm Springs to Laguna…
And we’ve been working non-stop on the Rat Packs CD. We just finished a few days ago.
Marc suggested a name change for the CD. He thinks¬†Young at Heart¬†would be a better title than Rat Pack Tracks. I tend to agree. So I’m changing the artwork. But it’s looking and sounding pretty nice!
My tongue has healed, so I just did my voiceovers, and I posted the very first episode of the Hobnobbin’ with Slim Man podcast on iTunes. It takes a week or so for the Apple people to approve the very first episode, so I’ll let you know when they do.
In the meantime, I started a YouTube channel just for the podcast, and posted a video of the first episode there.
It’s my chat with Robert Ellis Orral, songwriter/artist/label owner who co-wrote songs with Taylor Swift. He’s got some amazing stories. The podcast is about an hour, so grab some popcorn and a festive beverage. Here is the YouTube link:
It’s always a wild ride here in SlimLand.
You Guys and Dolls OK? Let me know. Hope everybody is peachy. Be careful with those fireworks!
Who loves you?
The Award-Winning Uncle Slimmy