Sweet Sixteen


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We asked Slim Folks to vote for their favorite Slim Man songs. Here they are…The Sweet Sixteen.  BUT WAIT!  There is a bonus track, a song called “Sunny Day.”  So…there are 17 songs on Sweet Sixteen Volume 1!  All songs are the original recordings from the original masters, except “For Now and Forever”, which is from the Slim Man LIVE CD, and “Secret Rendezvous” which is from the Bella Mia CD.

Track Listing

  1. Beginning
  2. Night Like This
  3. Faith In Us
  4. Secret Rendezvous
  5. End of the Rainbow
  6. Overdose of You
  7. Sweet Serenade
  8. For Now and Forever
  9. Secrets of Your Heart
  10. Weeping Willow
  11. There for You
  12. Angela
  13. Every Beat of My Heart
  14. If You Only Knew
  15. Bella Mia
  16. Don’t Say Goodbye