Slim Man Live


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“A near-perfect example of how jazz and soul can be combined as pop.” That’s what J.D. Considine said in Rolling Stone about the Slim Man style. This new CD is a collection of live recordings that were done in California over the past few years. It is an exciting compilation of great performances by some incredible musicians, featuring Slim Man on vocals and bass, and guitarist Marc Antoine on guitar on four songs. The song selection is a wonderful stroll down memory lane, featuring some incredible tunes, all written by Slim Man.


Track Listings

  1. Faith In Us
  2. If You Were Mine
  3. Secret Rendezvous
  4. Just Another Day
  5. End of the Rainbow
  6. Secrets of Your Heart
  7. Starlight, Starbright
  8. Every Time It Rains
  9. For Now and Forever
  10. Let’s Start All Over
  11. Should’ve Been Me
  12. There For You
  13. Meant To Be