Slim Man LIVE at Vicky’s [double CD, 28 songs]


The new Slim Man LIVE CD is finally here! It’s a double CD, 28 songs, recorded LIVE at Vicky’s on June 5, 2019. It features stellar performances by the Slim Man Band. It’s exciting. Exuberant. Energetic. And it’s guaranteed to please. Full of Slimsational Slim Man songs, some Bona Fide tunes, and some very cool covers. FREE SHIPPING!

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Slim Man LIVE at Vicky’s TRACK LIST

CD 1
1.Peter Gunn 4:36
2.Every Beat of My Heart 7:45
3.Valerie 5:00
4.Bella Mia 4:57
5.Weeping Willow 3:45
6.Angela 5:25
7.Can It Get Any Better? 6:08
8.Slim’s Shady Trailer Park 1:09
9. Sunny Day 3:34
10.When a Dream Comes True 5:42
11.Hey Carolina 5:14
12.Overdose of You 5:18
13.If You Only Knew 3:09
14.Faith in Us 5:37
15.Low Rider 5:33

Total TIME: 73:01

CD 2
1.There for You 6:15
2. If You Were Mine 6:07
3.Secrets of Your Heart 4:58
4.Don’t Say Goodbye 6:38
5.U Best Believe 4:13
6.Thousand Miles Away 4:32
7.Midnight Train 3:43
8.Sweet Serenade 5:53
9. Bona Fide Club 4:53
10.Secret Rendezvous 7:23
11.Take Me to the River 6:20
12.Mitch Mitch 5:10
13.Night Like This 5:35


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