Bona Fide 4




This is the latest Bona Fide CD. It’s called…Bona Fide. Pretty clever, huh?

This is the fourth BF CD, but who’s counting? It was produced by Marc Antoine, who wrote some songs, played guitar, and gave this CD a very groovy flavor indeed. It’s funky. It’s loungey. It’s lively.

The music of Bona Fide is instrumental. That means Slim Man doesn’t sing on any of these tracks. Thank goodness! But Mr. Man did play bass, write some songs, and designed the ultra-cool CD cover!

Track Listing

  1. Delizioso
  2. Bag of Bones
  3. Double Clutch
  4. Mitch Mitch
  5. On the Streets
  6. Lobby Interlude
  7. Soul Me
  8. Bad Dude
  9. King
  10. Batu U
  11. 823