I’m still getting emails about goats. It all started with a newsletter I wrote a few weeks back about how I met a woman at a dinner party who was disappointed that I didn’t actually own any goats.
I told her that the photo I use in these newsletters is…not a photo of my goats. I don’t own any goats. I just thought it was a funny picture.
She didn’t.
She told me she makes goat cheese, and thought I might…I don’t know…milk the goats and send it to her? I’ve never milked a goat. She was “crestfallen” when she found out I didn’t own any goats.
Well, I did a show in San Juan Capistrano last week. And the goat cheese gal was there. Her name is Vinny.
Vinny in the middle
And do you know what Vinny brought me? Some of the goat cheese she made. Seriously. It was a goat cheese that had a gorgonzola flavor, like a bleu cheese. It was different and delizioso! I loved it.
The show at San Juan Hills was one of the best Slim Shows in recent memory. The band sounded so good, the sound dude had a new PA, the show was sold-out, and we all had a blast.
I told some stories, and sang some songs, and at the end of the show, I did a Slim Man Party Package giveaway. I drew a name from a bag of ballots, and a guy named Dr. Boris won a Slim Man Cooks cookbook and 3 SM CDs.
After the show, Vinny and I had a chat. She forgave me for my imaginary goats. And I thanked her for her wonderful goat cheese.
When I first started writing these newsletters, I was thinking of using a photo of two donkeys. I’m glad I didn’t!
Can you milk donkeys? Do they make donkey cheese? I don’t know, and I don’t wanna know!
Slimmest of All People! Keep in touch.
Who loves ya?
Uncle Slimmy