I answer just about every email I get. Well, I don’t answer the nasty ones, and I can only remember one in the past few years…I started a newsletter with “Last week I met a bipolar bisexual. There might be a joke in there somewhere…”
I got a long, angry email from what must have been a bipolar bisexual. It was vicious. And then it got nice. And then it got vicious again. I was gonna write back and tell them I didn’t actually make a joke, but I didn’t. I just let it go.
When I send out a newsletter, that’s when I get most of the emails. It takes me a couple hours, but I get back to everyone who writes to me.
Some newsletters get more responses than others. When I send one out, I have no idea if it’s gonna resonate or not. For instance, I didn’t expect a big hoo-hah from the goat story email a few weeks ago.
Boy, was I wrong. Again! I got a ton of goat emails.
I got a bunch with links to viral videos of fainting goats. A few Slim People sent me links to videos of screaming goats. And videos of laughing goats. A Slim Gal sent me a video of baby goats in pajamas.
There were photos of goats that climb trees, the Tree Goats of Morocco. Seriously. Sounds like a good name for a band.
I got an email from a Slim amigo who told me his wife makes incredible soap from goat’s milk.
I heard from a woman who got a goat, put it in her backyard, and on the first day, it ate all the landscaping and half the siding off the shed.
A vet told me all about Nubian goats. Another told me that baby goats are adorable. I got an email from a goat herder who said her goats have wonderful, unique personalities. Somebody told me they had a fear of goats, from being knocked down as a child. Goataphobia?
I didn’t think there would be so many goat emails, but I responded to every one, with a smile on my face.
A lot of folks these days are texting, messaging on FaceBook, Tweeting…but my preferred method of communication is email. I don’t always communicate, but when I do, I prefer email.
So keep in touch, Slim People.
Who loves ya?
Uncle Slimmy