Slim Dudes and Dudettes,

Before I get into the story of Lady GaGa and Slim Man, I need to do my duty and tell SlimNation about some Slim Shindigs coming up:

Tuesday, April 14th, at a restaurant called 360 North in downtown Palm Springs, CA, the legendary Man of Dance, Carl Davis, will be teaching anybody who shows up how to dance…for free.

Afterwards, I’ll be doing the Vino with Dino Show, which usually clears the place out. Just kidding! Last week was a blast. All details are below.

This Thursday and Saturday I’ll be at The Coolest Wine Bar in the West…La Rue Wine Bar in OldTown La Quinta, for the Return of Vino with Dino. I’ll be teaching people how to drink and have fun. For free.

If you haven’t seen the Full Slim Man Band, you gotta come check us out. Seriously. Greg Vail has been killing it on the sax! We have TWO BIG SHOWS coming up…

Monday, April 27th at Shanghai Red’s in Palm Springs, CA. I’ve never been there before, so Slim People, we’ll find out together what it’s all about. There are gonna be lots of guest artists sitting in.

Saturday, June 6th, we’re doing a house party and concert in Carlsbad, CA, at a pretty cool private estate. It’s so nice, I’m surprised they let me in. You gotta check this place out:

And Now…All the New News From Slim’s Shady Trailer Park


I’ve been thinking about…dancing. I think I know why I’m apprehensive about busting a move on the dance floor.

New subscribers may not know this, but Batu and I used to be back-up dancers for Lady GaGa. Check out Batu in the lower left-hand corner:

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Soon after, Lady Gaga and I started getting…friendly. Then, when she heard the latest Slim Man CD, she became really friendly. In the throes of passion one steamy evening, she promised me she’d do a tour with me. She wanted to call it…

The Lady Man Tour.

Well, I was gaga for GaGa, I must admit. But then I started noticing things…she started doing stuff that bothered me.

For instance, the first time she came over to Slim’s Shady Trailer Park, I was wearing a T-shirt I’d designed. It was made out of slices of pepperoni. A few weeks later, she appeared on stage with her famous dress made of meat.

Coincidence? Methinks not. She stole my idea, but I let it go.

And then I heard a rumor that she was going to go out on tour with the Goo Goo Dolls instead of me. They were going to call it the Goo Goo GaGa Tour. It turned out to be just a rumor. It bugged me, but I let it go.

But when I found out for real that she was going out on tour with Tony Bennett, I wasn’t so gaga for GaGa anymore. I broke it off.

I love Tony Bennett. I read his book The Good Life. I used to ride around in my uncle’s Cadillac listening to The Best of Tony Bennett. I’ve seen him in concert three times-the last time, I was in the front row at Wolf Trap in Virginia. His daughter, Antonia, sang “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” with me on my Christmas Eve CD.

Antonia has a wonderful voice. Her Dad is amazing. I’m happy for Tony. I’m happy for Lady GaGa. I hope they’re all happy together.

Slim People! When things like this happen, it’s best to just wish people well, move forward, and keep doing your best.

Which is what I have been doing.

For instance, I’m working on a three-piece suit made of salami. I’m back!

Maybe I’ll wear it tomorrow for the dance lesson at 360 North. Maybe I’ll put it in the cookbook. Maybe I’ll eat it with a loaf of bread and a bottle of vino.

I’ll keep ya posted.

Who loves ya?

Uncle Slimmy