Dearest Good-Looking, Above-Average People of Slimness,

The Slim Man Cookbook is almost finished.  52 healthy Italian recipes.  52 crazy stories, including the Adventures of Slim Man and Batu.  Lots of videos, photos and music.  I’ve posted the cookbook on Kickstarter.  Here is my 3 minute video:

Kickstarter is a crowd-funding platform.  For example, you post a CD, a cookbook, or a film that you want to create on Kickstarter, and then people make pledges.

These pledges help filmmakers, writers and creative types fund their projects.  Then, when the film is finished, or the cookbook is done, you get a reward, usually a copy of the film, or cookbook, or whatever is being created.

Grilled Salmon Marsala

For instance, if you want a physical copy of the Slim Man Cookbook, you can pledge $35 now, and when the cookbook is finished (Spring, 2015) you’ll be the first to get a copy.  You also receive 16 Slim Songs that you get to choose and download.

What are some of the other rewards?  You can have Slim Man come to your house and cook dinner for you and your friends.  Or you can have your name printed in a “Special Thanks” section of the book.

Chicken stuffed with Herbed Goat Cheese

You can attend a cooking class in Palm Springs.  Want Slim Man to send you some Slim Sauces for Christmas?  He can do that!  Or you can have a private Slim Man concert and dinner–manicotti prepared by Slim Manicotti!  There are all kinds of rewards for all levels of pledges.

Want Slim Man to clean your pool for a year in a leopard skin Speedo?  That’s not a reward.  Thankfully…

Pizza Eggs and Batu

The cookbook won’t be ready until spring 2015, but if you make a pledge now, Mr. Man will send a Christmas card and a CD in time for Christmas, telling you (or whomever you want) the Slim Man cookbook is on the way!

Check out the Kickstarter page, it’s a lot of fun.  Slim People!  We have 30 days to get this done.  Kickstarter is all-or-nothing.  You either raise all the money you need, or you get nothing.  Zero.  Nada.  Niente. Zip.  Here we go!

If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, take a look around.  There are some very creative things happening there.  Did you see the guy who invented a new and improved beer cooler?  He made a cooler that not only keeps stuff cold, it has a wireless speaker, lights, a USB charger, a blender.  He calls his cooler “The Coolest”.

He broke the previous Kickstarter record for money raised.  The Coolest raised 13 million dollars.

Slim Folks, if we raise 13 million dollars for the cookbook, I will buy a new trailer park where we all can live together in peace, hominy, and grits.

But if we don’t, I expect to be able to come and live with you.  Seems only fair.

Got any ideas for titles for the cookbook?  I’m all ears.  Well, I’m mostly nose, actually, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Hit me back, as they say in the music biz.

Slim People, I thank you for being so SlimSational.  Slimtastic.  Slimcredible.  Give yourselves a hug for me.


Who loves ya?



Uncle Slimmy

                  SLIM PEOPLE!  COME OUT TO A SLIM SHOW!




Thursday, October 23rd


Hey 19!  The Men of Slimness Return to 19 SPORTS!


That’s right…Greg Vail on sax, Craig Chesnut on drums, Hans Zermuehlen on keys…we’re going Mano a Mano in San Juan Capistrano!  Last time was sold-out, so buy early and often.


19 Sports


32120 San Juan Creek

San Juan Capistrano, CA  92675


Saturday, November 8th, 7:30 PM!


Can you believe the Slim Men are going back to San Antonio!  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Roger Tamez on sax, Bill “The Thrill” Parsons on keys, Eric Casillas on percussion, and Nate the Great on drums.  Wednesday Ball on vocals, she’s dyno-mite!


SHOWTIME 7:30-9:30…that’s PM!


Village at Stone Oak

22610 US 281

San Antonio, TX  78258



Saturday, November 29th!


The Slim Man Band Returns to the Rams Head Tavern in Annapolis, Maryland!

John E Coale on drums, Kevin Levi on sax, Hit Man Howie Z on bongos, and an incredibly special guest on keyboards, Attila Molnar, AKA Attila the Hungarian, SKA Attila the Hung!


We will be doing some Slim Man songs, some Bona Fide songs–we might even do a song from the new Bona Fide CD.  We will have the new Bona Fide CD with us, if you’re crazy enough to want to buy one!  And if that ain’t enough, we’re gonna ask everybody to bring gifts and gift cards and toys for the kids at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital.  Joy to the World!


Rams Head Tavern

33 West Street

Annapolis, MD

410 268 4545