The world has gone crazy. I mean, it’s always been kinda crazy, but these days, it seems more crazy than ever. There’s some pretty nasty stuff going on out there.
It’s hard to stay positive in a world where there is so much negativity.
I was listening to a podcast this morning, they were talking about an old book, published in 1935, a book titled “The 7 Day Mental Diet.”
The basic premise is…for 7 days, you can think nothing but positive thoughts. Even if something negative happens, you have to frame it in a positive way.
Say, for instance, you’re swimming in the ocean. You see a shark approaching. Instead of thinking about how crappy your luck is, think about how fortunate you are to see such a beautiful creature in its natural habitat.
What if the shark suddenly attacks your husband, and carries him out to sea clamped in his jaws as your dearly beloved screams helplessly?
Think positive. Like…it might be fun to be single again.
I was chatting with some friends last night who had some very negative thoughts about wild coyotes. They’re a problem out here in California.
But suppose you got attacked by a coyote, and he gnawed off one of your feet? At first glance, you might see that as really horrible.
But if you look on the bright side, maybe you could save money on shoes.
You’d only have to buy one! How could they charge you for two?
Suppose you have a huge problem with procrastination. Instead of seeing it in the negative, see it in a positive light.
You’ll always have something to do tomorrow.
And you won’t have anything to do today.
Apparently, laughing is a great way to stay positive. So, instead of crying when something goes wrong, try laughing instead.
So if your wife is blowdrying her hair, and her hair accidentally catches on fire, try laughing when she starts sobbing uncontrollably.
And the next day when you’re living out of your car, think about how lucky you are to have a vehicle.
For the next 7 days, I’m thinking only positive thoughts, I’m doing only positive things, I’m gonna surround myself with positive people.
Even if it kills me.
Stay positive, Slim People. And keep in touch.
Who loves you?
Uncle Slimmy